about amy

IMG_4116edithey there, i’m amy.  i am a wife, a mother, and a photographer.  i am the mama of a 7 year-old girl, who is already too big for her britches, and a 4 year old boy that has stolen my heart ten times over.  i’m in love with the best person I know.  i am a creator at heart and am passionate about design.  i am obsessed with details, big and especially small.  i am drawn to a natural, classic style.  i am an animal lover and would without a doubt have an unbelievable number of critters if space and my husband allowed. dogs, birds, cats, chickens, i love them all.  i love to laugh and remind my husband constantly just how funny i think i am.  i am southern to the core and believe that it will be a failure if my little ones do not grow up liking grits.

i am addicted to all things photography. everything about it, i am in love. i see it as the perfect culmination of all of my passions. an extension that allows me to use everything i am about and create something you can’t imagine living without. i challenge myself with every shoot to capture the moments and smiles you hope to never forget.